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tonight minnesota shutdown. the land of 10,000 lakes furloughs 22,000 state employees. what's behind the the holiday weekend budget impasse. a new endorsement deal from michael vick. a guy that looks at nike controversial decision to resign the the star who served jail time for dog fighting. tennis racket, ask whether all those exclamations on the courts are really necessary. and being there. we go to a ceremony seen halfway around the world. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening. the holiday weekend is off to a very bad start in minnesota. from state employees who vacation is looking for a cam ground. a budget stalemate has shutdown most of those state services and that's casting a shadow all the way to washington d.c. where the 9 the deadline for raising the federal debt ceiling is now exactly one month away. johnson has the the latest. >> reporter: many fireworks in minnesota have nothing to do with the 4th of july. angry protesters took to the capitol steps barking at law makers for failing to close a $5 billion budget gap. the resulting government shutdown means 22,000 state workers were furloughed without pay. state parks, cam grounds, even the state sue sue sue was closed awe hold a holiday week even. >> how can you solve the budget crises if you're not employing people. it just doesn't make logical sense. >> reporter: in the past decade four other states have
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suffered government shutdowns. new jersey, pennsylvania, tennessee and michigan. this is minnesota's second since 2005. >> to me shutting down should not be an oftennion. >> reporter: the the deadlock came when the state's democratic governor called for the heavier taxes on the wealthy to help balance the the budget, a deal breaker for republicans in the state legislature. all sides went home for the holiday with no plans to talk before tuesday. not unlike what's happening in washington. >> you stay here. let's get it done. >> reporter: bipartisan talks over raising the nation's debt limit have stalled. the treasury warns lawmakers have until august 2nd to cut a deal or the u.s. government could be unable to pay its bills for the first time ever. >> mitchell: and like in minnesota, congress is off for the holiday weeknd. so is president obama who is spending time at camp david. everybody is coming back to work next week. but so far no bipartisan talks have been scheduleed.
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whit johnson at the whitehouse, thank you. >> mitchell: could minnesota be in store for other station and maybe the u.s. government itself. we'll shed some light on that with rebecca. good to see you. could it be a snapshot of what happened everywhere if deals are not melt and realistic budgets are not set. >> when you look at minnesota law makers can't come to a compromise so you're seeing cuts in jobs and services and that's certainly something we'll see if the debt ceiling doesn't get raised because of the fact we just don't have the money to pay for 245ez -- these commitments. we have a commitment to our debt as a country. if the united states does not get that money increasing the debt ceiling all of a sudden we can't make good on our debt payments. that has a much grander effect. not something that will impact things here but also impact the world because the united states is a major player in the world market. >> mitchell: when you look, it's really easy to look in greece where we saw people upset over proposed budget cuts and proposed slashes in government
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programs and higher taxes. at one time what was happening there literally seemed so foreign to us. is it a fair comparison to look at them and us at the same time. >> by the numbers, the united states isn't that far off from greece. for every dollar that our government is spending, they're borrowing $.40. and that money has to come from somewhere. so we continue to add to our borrowing while at the same time we're not producing that much more as far as gdp output. so the big issue going forward facing the united states is not only that we're similar in terms of our numbers but the bigger issue is we're interconnected. united states is a much bigger player on the world stage than greece. >> mitchell: in the middle of this kay chaos how do you explain it. >> putting these issues on the back burner and inon said it focused on manufacturing, a huge driver of growth and this week we got some strong data on it. >> mitchell: rebecca jarvis. thanks very much. it's rough being a teenager looking for a job. the numbers show 24% of 16-19
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year olds are unemployed. their main competition, older workers who at these times are after the same jobs. we take a look at what's happening to all those teens who want to find work. >> reporter: 17 year old alex rodriguez thrives on competition. but not the type he's seeing in the job market. >> it applies to every store. i've called them, i've had my mom call them. i've had my teachers here have been helping me. >> reporter: does it get disheartening to keep searching. >> it does get difficult. because you can awe meyer to so many jobs -- apply to so many jobs and if you don't get a phone call gets you upset. >> reporter: his teacher says in last year's class of 20 students, 18 had jobs. this year only 4 do. >> it's discouraging to want even just a minimum wage job and be told that those aren't even available to you at this point. they can't even aspire to that next level of job because the entry level jobs are the ones
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that aren't available. >> reporter: rodriguez started in january looking for jobs ranging from a custodian at this park to a clerk at this retail store. he gave us a glimpse of what he's facing. >> getting tons and tons of applications now. >> reporter: the job market is especially tough for hispanic teens like rodriguez. the center for labor market studies found just 21% of hispanic teens were employed last summer. compared with 32% of whites the same age. rodriguez says when good news comes it's bitter sweet. accepted to a community college he doesn't now how he will pay the $4,000 tuition. >> that's my fear for a lot of students, if they don't get to go to school in the fall because of lack of summer employment or part time job, they won't ever go back to college. >> it's hard. because i've been going over and over again. and then nothing like comes out
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of it. so it gets hard. >> reporter: and you need a job. >> and i need a job. >> reporter: because that summer job may be the difference between a diploma from high school or college. seth jones, cbs news, yorktown heights, new york. >> mitchell: the new immigration law marched outside the state capitol in atlanta today, one day after the provisions took effect. marrers believe the law is discriminatory to minorities seeking a letter life. a judge blocked several other provisions including ones that allows police to check the immigration status of criminal suspects who lack proper identification. some controversial news this evening, from the business of sports. nfl star quarterback michael vick who served 21 months in jail for his involvement in a dog fighting reign was given a big mean endorsement deal by nike. as you can imagine not everyone is happy about it. tony guida has more. >> reporter: it's not
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surprising they went and did it, resigned nfl star quarterback michael vick, four years after sacking in the wake how far an ugly dock fighting gay. nike likes living on the edge. >> they also love controversial, because it keeps them socially current, to pick him up again because he's going to sell a lot of shoes. >> reporter: and jerseys and more, nike hopes. after ten years on the sidelines, nike is back in business with the nfl as the lead exclusive supplier of apparel, sufficient reason apparently to take a gamble on vick. >> this story with nickel vick is unprecedented, has never been done before. nike is taking a bit of a risk but there's a high reward if it works out for them. >> reporter: neither nike or vick will reveal terms of the report but a marking special told cbs news estimates it's a multiyear contract at 1 to $3 million annually. >> i want to appall jieppedz to the young kids out there.
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>> reporter: vick went to prison for running a dog fighting in. the nfl suspended him. but the philadelphia eagles signed him on the the rebound and he rewarded them last season with stal -- stellar performance. >> he did something that was terrible and paid his time and dues. i'm okay with it. >> reporter: the aspca disagrees. the agency said an endorsement deal should also be a measure of an athlete's off field performance. yesterday vick was chasing redemption speaking to children at a football camp in baltimore. nike's motivation might be capsulized. >> just do it. >> reporter: coming to an ad campaign near you. tony guida, new york. >> mitchell: on this holiday weekend more americans are taking to the sky to get from
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here to there. three million passengers are flying this weekend 9% from last year. you know the drill when you fly you can't use that cell phone. if you're still wondering why, bill whitaker has the answer. >> reporter: anyone who flies has heard this. >> your mobile phone and other electronic devices should be turned off. >> reporter: anybody who flies probably wonders is my cell phone, e-book and ipod a risk. the federal aviation commission says yes. there's enter ference of the plane's navigational system. doug moss flies forepleasure with united. >> there's a low possibility any single device will interfere with navigational equipment. but because of that potential the faa has decided it's better to prohibit all of the devices. >> reporter: how can something that big, that sophisticated be undone by something like this?
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well, the data is limited and the evidence all anecdotal. in 2003 a plane crash in new zealand killed eight people. investigators say the pilot's operating cell phone might have caused erroneous navigational indications. since 2000, there have been 10 reports in the u.s. of mid air problems linked to passengers' electronics. when i turned on my cell phone and bookberry in doug mouse's cockpit. >> we had that going up and down showing interference. >> reporter: a bigger problem, non-complying passengers. >> we with a get reports from flight attendants every day on just about every flight. >> reporter: technology might be changing all that. electronics makerrer air-cell has installed in-flight wireless system go go in one out of three planes. one month of last year two million passengers safely went on-line up in the air. and foreign carriers lime --
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like elm rates, but be careful. passengers on the phone all the time. >> it's absolutely a horrible idea. >> reporter: no way to fly away from it all. bill whitaker, attorneys, california. >> mitchell: tennis sphawrs on the court at wimbledon, once again making themselves seen and heard. high school screened its graduation ceremony to a military father far from home. setbacks with that flotilla to military father far from home. setbacks with that flotilla to break that block indicated of got -- blockade of gaza. those stories next when cbs news continues. so you can be ready anytime the moment's right.
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as barry peterson reports from athens, today's arrest is the lail es in a string of setbacks for the controversial sea-going mission. >> reporter: a ship load of pill tony americans with a mission burying nothing but letters and a symbolic effort to break the blockade of gaza in defix of greek orders and israeli pressures. >> this was a dare to the greek authorities who said the boat was not allowed to leave. the idea go as far as they could get and see what happens. >> reporter: not far before the coast guard with commandos intercepted the boat. the americans yelled their frustration. the israelis blockaded glia saw in 2007 after the trors group hamas -- terrorist group hamas won the election and had control of the points as egypt does from it side. last year the blockade is really commando stormed one ship killing nine. this time, politics was enough
6:47 pm
to have greece ban any boats leaving in a new no -- flee teal. they do half a billion dollars in trade and israel is planning a natural pipeline to greece. the american activist knew getting to gaza was a long shot, but still resisted israeli soldiers who might have boarded their ship. they are determined to try again, and israel is just as determined that their boat and their cause are going no where. barry peterson, cbs news, athens >> mitchell: iraqi court imposed a 15-year sentence today in a man who take part in the kip needing of richard butler back in 2008. butler was on assignment for the cbs news broadcast 60 minutes when i was kidnapped. he was rest deud two months later after a fire fight between iraqi forces and his cad narptz. wimbledon is getting an ear full
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6:51 pm
for many fans to their dismay, women's tennis is becoming more than a struggle of serves and returns. a high decimal battle of grunts. the loudest of them all was on the court today, as we hear from charlie d'agata. >> reporter: maria sharapova won to petra kvitova who quietly picked her game apart. but sharapova retains her crown in the undisputed queen of screams after her grunting spiked to a record setting ear setting 116 dezzables during the championship. that's loud. azarenka nod up 9 the 5 imroi nod -- nod you 9 the 5 decibels. for many tennis fans, wimbledon is the motion elite tournament on the circuit and for the british it's the highlight of the summer season. the fact is all this grunting
6:52 pm
just isn't the done thing and it's causing stiff upper lips to quiver. >> it's not too bad but that slice surely is the worst. >> i can't bear grunting. i absolutely have to switch off. a lot of my friends we actually watch the lady's tennis with the volume down. >> reporter: they've been inundated with complaints and the chief has finally called for concrete steps to cut it out. for some it's not enough. nine times wimbledon championship martina navratilova says players should be penalized. >> it's distracting because you're depending on the ball hit the racket and when you don't hear it, you don't know how fast the ball is coming at you. >> reporter: other players say grunts are part of their game and may be a tough habit to break. >> there is a physiological value to grunting. when you are taught tennis at an early age you're taught to exhale on tack. >> reporter: there's a big difference between exhailing and
6:53 pm
this. and as the new wimbledon champ pet raw kvitova proved today you don't have to make a lot of noise to trialal the competition. cbs news, lun de. >> mitchell: coming up, proud military parents watching this high school grads from awe -- -- afar. that story is next. lights, camera, activia it's the best job in the world. to be there for them, you've gotta feel your best. that's why i love eating activia every day. activia helps me feel good inside. which helps me be on top of things help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel or your money back.
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>> mitchell: tiny monaco on the mediterranean coast of france for the latest wedding this one of prince al borrow the -- albert ii. american actress grace kelly. charlene whitstock of south africa. the bride appeared overcome with emotion at the reception. we're pretty sure those other newly weds, prince william and kathryn do not make their own dinner very often but they are tonight kinking their tour of canada. they put on aprons helping students prepare a four course meal at a montreal cull narrow institute. lam and lobster were on the menu. few experiences are tougher for a parent than unavoidably missing your child's high school graduation which is why one school district went all out this year one military parent
6:57 pm
serving oversees could still enjoy a front row seat. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: for high schools around fort brag, north carolina, it's pomp and circumstance, a family milestone. >> go somewhere. >> reporter: but for graduating senior porsha jackson, someone's missing. >> we thought he was going to be here. >> reporter: her stepfather, richard lopez is a command sergeant major with the 82nd airborne. lopez just went back to afghanistan, his 6th combat tour. >> i know it's his job and he will be proud of me and i'm proud of him. we can support each other. >> reporter: that's so very hard. in fort brag families, deployed parents often miss birthdays, prom nights, graduations. about one third of this county's 3200 high school graduates come from military families. but this was one milestone no one in uniform had to miss.
6:58 pm
this year come borrowland county broadcast a on-line commencement of their high school. so when porsha jackson got her diploma, her entire family watched including her proud stepfather 7100 miles away in afghanistan. >> i just want to congratulate you and tell you how proud i am of you and i love you. >> reporter: in at least nine states high schools have invited deployed parents to watch graduation live on-line. at last a milestone moment no one in the family had to miss. mark strassmann, cbs news, fayetteville, north carolina >> mitchell: that is the cbs evening news. later on cbs, 48 hours mystery. thank you for joining us this evening, i'm russ mitchell, cbs new york. i'll be back here tomorrow. good night.
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